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LIMBitless Possibilities

Posted on 12. Feb, 2015 by .


by Ursula Wachowiak It is my hope that readers were able to check out the lead-in article to the Amp’d Rider Project from the last issue. This project has given me more insight and education than I could have imagined when I first started. What was a heartfelt cause to share and enlighten others has […]

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Coolest Harley Saddlebags to Get You Going

Posted on 06. Feb, 2015 by .


by Lisa Rose For the highest quality and most eye-catching saddlebags, Harley Davidson bags are perhaps the most recognized in the motorcycle industry. However, there are many types of bags to choose from this brand name. Making the right choice will require you to follow the guideline below. Quick Tips for Choosing the Coolest Harley […]

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Get a Leg Up on 2015…

Posted on 20. Jan, 2015 by .


by Ursula Wachowiak For folks like me, that have stared the reaper in the face, we are often more aware and more thankful for little things, like the calendar turning a date. Some of us think, “WOW, I almost wasn’t here today.” And some of us go a step further and think, “OH YEAH, what […]

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Varieties of Motorcycle Jackets

Posted on 11. Feb, 2014 by .


by Lisa Rose An essential item in any self-respecting motorcyclist’s wardrobe, jackets for motorcycles come in a number of separate varieties. As you may or may not have already determined, the world of motorcycling is an extremely dynamic one- and furthermore one that necessitates within itself the need for the establishment of several borders in […]

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Outlaw Biker Clubs from All Over the World

Posted on 12. Dec, 2013 by .


by Lisa Rose   Generally speaking, there are three separate types of ‘biker clubs’ distinguishable in modern motorcycle culture. The first type; denoted by some as the ‘one-patch’ bikers, are representative of a particularly favored maker of motorcycles. For example, if a biker were to be a sole and proud proprietor of BMW motorcycles, they […]

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Riding the North Cascades Highway

Posted on 28. Nov, 2013 by .


by Lisa Rose North Cascades Highway – Washington Short day trips and week-long rides are often the most talked about journeys for motorcyclists, but what about the rides that are usually split into two days? Covering 436 miles and experienced best over a two-day ride period of time, Washington State Route 20, or the North […]

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Always Something for which to be Thankful…

Posted on 27. Nov, 2013 by .


Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, & Folks I Have Met on the Road… This Thanksgiving and coming holiday season is one that is more special than any other I have ever had. Most of you know already that I took a risk to chase a dream in February 2013. I spent just at 6 months living on […]

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desert road

Embracing the Open Road: Biker Brits on American Asphalt

Posted on 20. Nov, 2013 by .


by Melissa Hayman Soaring peaks, rolling plains and the romantic roadside diner is the stuff of dreams for the All-American biker who takes to the open road and revs up their Harley for an adventure of a lifetime. For some, it’s a poetic pastime – for others, a culture and lifestyle all on its own which drives […]

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indian larry

Metal and Ink: The Links Between Motorcycles and Tattoos

Posted on 10. Oct, 2013 by .


by Melissa Hayman There has long been a perceived link between bikers and tattoos. Tell most non-motorcyclists about your passion for your Harley, the open road and stopping by the odd convention, and they’ll soon start surreptitiously scanning your body for signs of a permanent stamp of your allegiance to the lifestyle. This can be […]

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Steve McQueen

Motorcycles as a Weapon of War

Posted on 21. Mar, 2013 by .


submitted by Men of War MC As far back as 1917, during World War 1, AKA, the GREAT War, both the German and American Infantries successfully used motorcycles as couriers, RECON scouts, and communications dispatchers. Motorcycle Soldiers, and Marines would travel behind enemy lines, alone or in small groups on extraordinarily dangerous missions to make […]

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Eric riding

Observations From 100 Miles From Home

Posted on 20. Dec, 2012 by .


by Eric, National President Men of War Motorcycle Club, Veterans Editors Note: From 100 miles from home, actions collide with intent. Under a star lit night, we turn hard our throttles and feel the earth move below our feet. Eric captures the experience for us here: 4th gear, headed to 6th, 83 on the clock, […]

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