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Coolest Harley Saddlebags to Get You Going

Posted on 06. Feb, 2015 by in Guest Articles

by Lisa Rose

For the highest quality and most eye-catching saddlebags, Harley Davidson bags are perhaps the most recognized in the motorcycle industry. However, there are many types of bags to choose from this brand name. Making the right choice will require you to follow the guideline below.

Quick Tips for Choosing the Coolest Harley Saddlebags:

Pockets and Compartments: The main reason you are buying the bag is for storing accessories. The more accessories you have, the more pockets the bag should ideally have.Check to see whether the bag has pockets for mobile phones, wallets, documents etc., as well as how quickly you can retrieve the items from the bag.
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Locks and Buckles: For as long as you are storing accessories, you need to lock and secure them. There are different types of locks available in the market; some offer a high level of security,while others make it easier to unlock the bags through a quick release system. Pick the one you need, depending on the usage.

Studs and Metallic Details: Do you want a vintage or modern style? The studs and metallic detail will to a great extent in determine the kind of style that is suitable for the bike. There are mainly three different types of metallic details that are used on these bags. One is stainless steel, which is resistant to rust.The other is brass, which has a unique color, but is more susceptible to rusting, and the last is chrome, which is more elegant and long lasting, but it’s expensive and requires maintenance.

Mounting The Bike: This can be done either by throw over, which is ideal for people who need to remove the bag several times a week,or hard mounted for those who want to secure the bag on the bike fender permanently and have an easy detach system, which can be removed any time. Choose the one that fits your needs.

harley saddlebags throwover Decorations: Pick decorations such as tail lights and LED lights, as these can greatly enhance the appearance of your bike.
Fit: Ensue that the bag fits with your bike. This is important for both safety and durability, and also for the look of your bike.

hard mount harley saddlebags Coolest Harley Saddlebags

1. Saddlemen Deperado with Integrated Led Saddle Lights

This bag has the below features:
Buckles: It has quick release buckles that are easy to open. The buckles are hidden giving the bag a unique design.
Decorations: The quality chrome studs give the bike a unique vintage look. Plus it has durable stainless steel metallic details, as well as LED marker lights.
Mounting: It has a mechanism that allows the bag to be removed from the bike with simple turn lock pins that are turned from the inside of the Harley saddlebags to detach the bags.

2. Harley Sportster 1200 Custom Charger Brown Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags

This brown leather saddlebag is for Sportster bikes. It has a distinctive brown color, which is bound to turn heads wherever you go. It is available in small and medium sizes, and is made from durable leather, which is weather resistant. The bag has the following features:

sportster 1200 custom brown saddlebags Locks and Buckles: It can be locked by a key system. It also has straps besides the lock.
Decorations: No decorations. Just simple clear design with two metallic stainless steel buckles.
Mounting: Uses a hard mount system.

3. Sportster 883 Iron Shock Cutout Large Slanted Saddlebags

shock cutout saddlebags This is a black saddlebag made from high quality leather. The bag is weather resistant and is bound to last.It has large internal pocket that fits most accessories. Its features include:

Structure: The bag is reinforced with plastic making it rigid. It maintains its shape even when considerably heavy items and accessories are placed in it.
Locking: In-built locking mechanism with a locking key. You can secure your items better with this bag.

harley lockable saddlebags Decoration: Quality slanting leather bag with a simple, but sleek design. No additional metal detail except for visible buckles.
Mounting: Quick and easy detachable mounting system.

harley saddlebags installed 4. Harley Sportster 883 Low Charger Studded Motorcycle Saddlebags

These bags are designed to fit with all the bags in the Sportster series. It is designed using quality leather, which is weather resistant and durable. The outer frame of the bag is reinforced with plastic to ensure that the bag does not lose shape. Its features include:
Locking: Has straps to close the bag. The straps make it easy to access contents inside.
Decoration: Quality slanting leather bag with a simple, but sleek design. No additional metal detail except the visible buckles.
Mounting: it uses a hard mount system that is easy to set up. This system is much cheaper than other mounting systems and makes the bag cheaper.

5. Harley Dyna Low Rider FXDL Lamellar Extra Large Shock Cutout Leather Covered Saddlebag

This is a sleek leather bag designed for Harley Dyne Saddlebags. It is weather resistant, built to resist all the elements. Its features include:
Locking: Can be locked by a key to secure your valuables.
Decorations: Has no decorations or metallic detail such as buckles and straps on it making the design sleek and modern.
Mounting: Has a mounting kit, which allows you to save money, unlike other mounting systems.

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