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Living My Life on the Road

Posted on 12. Jun, 2013 by in Gypsy Bikers

by The BROAD, Ursula

I guess it’s fair to say I’m just an average girl with an above average desire to be different. I’ve never been a conformist or much of a trend follower. I tried some of the girlie things like cheerleading, modeling, and crafts, but it just wasn’t all of who I am. I loved softball, football, break dancing on refrigerator boxes, and tearing things apart to figure out how they worked. I have always been a bit of a tom-boy and most especially loved the opportunity to raise a son.

Broad Beauty Day Over many years I taught my son and several others how to ride motorcycles. I created a biker group in IL that continues to grow and flourish with over 700 members today. After some life changing experiences, I looked fear in the face and said, “Bite Me”. I chose a rather unconventional option for the next chapter in my life. I am now a gypsy living my life on the road. Home is where my Harley takes me.

My Girl and I have been together for just at 3 seasons and just over 35,000 miles (I have no clue how many thousands of miles I’ve put on other people’s bikes). My Girl is the first bike that I actually bought, though I have ridden many, thanks to amazing friends that love and trust me. My Girl is a 95 Sportster, 883 Hugger model. Mechanically she’s in excellent shape for her age and size. Yeah sure, she could use some pampering and primping but we ain’t all that fancy pants ‘round here.

I left Illinois on February 25, 2013 during temps in the 30s. Due to extreme cold and rain it took me 3 days to get into SE Georgia. Sick but elated by the freedom and pride I found, I had begun my journey; a journey with few real plans and no time frame.

I am a writer at heart full of positive energy and the desire to always see the greater good in my fellow humans. By trade, I am a virtual photo (5) assistant, which means I’m a phenomenal business assistant capable of a massive variety of tasks – only I never sit in an office (oh maybe a camp ground, McDonald’s or poolside with a WiFi card, but never ever in an office).

To date I have been on the road just about 5 months and I have learned more than I thought I needed to know and I’m anxious to learn much much more because I am for sure, GREEN at this.

Broad Coast Motorcycling for me has always been about the power of overcoming fears. Too many women don’t embrace their true powers and are often stuck in the societal norms. Well, normal I am not!! Never have been, Never will be, and I like it like that. I share my journey in many places on the web and I have found great pride in the number of folks that say things like, “I am living vicariously through you,” “You have inspired me,” and the like thereof. I never considered myself much of an inspiration to others, but I suppose when somebody does something so outrageous that it sets the world on its heels, you are bound to truly touch a few people. From those people I gather my own inspiration. I have always been the motivator, the planner, the people collector, and the chick that meets no strangers. And even though the everyday life of work, kids, friends, and adult responsibilities comes with many rewards; I now find that my rewards are far different. I live life on my terms, by my rules, and rarely have to concede to others to make myself happy. Even in the crappiest of weather or not knowing where I might sleep tonight, I find immense peace in knowing that my destiny is just a throttle twist away.

I am thankful to many folks along my journey and at this moment I take this opportunity to say thank you to HD OpenRoad for Broad Key West allowing me to tell my story.  I will be sharing my Gypsy Stories about the rallies, the down time, the challenges and of course my take on living life with My Girl. I invite you to follow The B.R.O.A.D. on Facebook and the Blog @

Peace, Hugs, and Pipes That Rumble ™

The BROAD, Ursula

Babe Riding Out A Dream

Editors Note:  We would like to welcome Ursula to the Open Road, and wish her well on her travels. Ursula has agreed to write a few stories for us, and we look forward to hearing her stories as she begins her journey as a Gypsy of the Open Road.

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2 Responses to “Living My Life on the Road”

  1. Jumpstart Jimmy Lee Owen

    12. Jun, 2013

    Excellent TheBroad Ursula thanks for the great info and I look forward to following your travels and to hopefully see you on the road someday.

  2. Calgary Steve

    24. Jun, 2013

    Good For you Ursula , The BROAD!

    Riding Season has been slow around these parts and with the recent floods many of the local day rides have been washed out , you just may meet a few more Canadians on your travels. Ride Safe.

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