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Brown Bear Saloon, Anchorage


Pool tables jute box great bathrooms (he he) you must see. Outdoor tables also bands on events. seasonal riding.

General Directions To:

40 mi south of Anchorage – great ride out.

Great Alaskan Bush Company, Anchorage


Biker friendly. Bike nite is everynite. You can park on the front side walk or the parking lot.We have live music Friday & Saturdays. Great food,Kitchen is open on weekends until 1:30.

General Directions To:

I-77,Get of at Wolfleagles, turn right first light South street turn left 456 E South Street.

The Carousel Lounge, Anchorage on Spenard Rd.


This is a favorite hangout for all the bikers in South Central Alaska….

General Directions To:

Its on Spenard Road…if you can find Anchorage you can find Spenard Rd.

The Birchwood Saloon, Chugiak


Very biker friendly. Great pizza, cheese steaks and cold beer.

General Directions To:

About 20 miles north of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway, take the North Birchwood exit and you’re there.

Howling Dog, Fairbanks


This is a good place to stop for a drink. It’s the best place in Fairbanks for a biker.

General Directions To:

The Howling dog saloon is located northeast of Fairbanks just off the Steese highway at the intersection of the Steese and Elliot highways in a community by the name of “Fox”. It’s the best place in Fairbanks for a biker.

Duggans Waterfront Pub, Homer


Live music on weekends. Excellent food by Greg @ the Wildside Grille including venison & alligator. Thursday nights, steaks are ten bucks. Great riding up here June to Aug. Always possible Oct to March, but wear warm clothes. Open 7 days 9am to 3am. Local beers are popular and so are the pool tables.

General Directions To:

220 miles south of Anchorage Alaska at the corner of Main St. and Jenny Lane, down by Bishops Beach. Usually campfires on the beach all summer long, also 18 hours daylite mid june.

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