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Held, Air n Dry Gloves

Posted on 29. Dec, 2014 by in Reviews

by Bill Kniegge


After 37+ years of making gloves for motorcyclists; one would think they have it figured out and yes, they have for sure. Held of Germany makes what seem to be no-compromise gloves for all types of riding and all types of weather conditions.

IMG_20141107_165752 The Air n Dry Touring glove is a remarkable piece of riding gear. If their objective was to design a very comfortable yet waterproof glove that breathes.. They get a gold medal. It really works well. Using the gloves in a variety of weather, from very hot to raining to somewhat cooler temperatures… the Air n Dry is really excellent. In fact…very well in cold conditions.

The Gore Tex technology used in these gloves creates a waterproof chamber on one side and isHeld 2 (Medium) unlined and natural on the side up against your skin. Both the hand and the back of the gloves are perforated for maximum ventilation and comfort. Small stretch panels allow your hands to move without restriction. Velcro closures at both the wrist and the cuff make for a nice fit without being too loose or tight. The kangaroo leather palm is supple but protective at the same time. Hard plastic knuckle protection is designed in along with small vents for getting air to the fingers. The tiny squeegee on the fore finger of the left hand is simple and works nicely to keep rain off the face shield. You can tell these were developed by people that really ride!

goves table (Medium) A really nice pair of gloves is a lot like a great pair of boots… Once you get them broken in and really comfortable, you can’t imagine riding with anything else. (I know, I had a pair of Malcolm Smith Touring boots for almost 25 years… just couldn’t find any I liked better.) The Held Air n Dry gloves just might be the same way. They are NOT cheap… at $250. The construction quality is definitely top-notch and the clever design and function can almost make one forget about the high price. Just don’t lose one..!! My guess is that they will outlast most other gloves available by a considerable margin. The Air n Dry glove will be appreciated by most everyone, especially those long distance, long day riders.

Sizes: 7-12
Colors: Black-Silver and all Black

The author of this review is Bill Kniegge, owner of Blue Strada Motorcycle Tours and a long-time touring and off-road motorcycle rider; A 30 year veteran of the Motorcycle Industry and past CMO of Bell Helmets and Husqvarna Motorcycle Co.

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  1. Jon Lewis

    29. Dec, 2014

    Nice! I like that squeegee addition.

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