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As summer comes to an end, it is time to start taking inventory of our fall/winter riding gear and making sure that is still fits and is in good shape. Just my own gear, a broken zipper on my leather jacket, I need better winter riding boots, MUCH better winter riding gloves, and this year I am going to pick up some better rain gear.

Here is the $20 dollar question. Where do we go for quality gear at good prices. In today’s economy, there seem to be fewer and fewer choices in my own community. This allows for higher pricing and a lack of selection. The next best choice is the internet. But is that safe?

jacket There are plenty of concerns to be had regarding purchasing on the internet. First is, “Is this a scam?” You may be surprised, but most online vendors are reputable. But it only takes one to ruin the whole experience. So how do you know if the vendor you are looking at is reputable?

First and foremost, do they have a privacy statement? Some vendors will try to make additional money by selling your personal information to email companies (spammers). Always check to see if the company you are dealing with has a posted privacy statement.

Next, are they certified as a verified business in good standing. There are a HDKingboot few outfits that do this. One is, while another good online verification company is Trust Guard. Both of these companies are good, and I especially like and trust the Trust Guard Seal. To get these seals, the vendor has to pass a variety of tests. These tests include a privacy statement, email and website address verification, and at least 128 bit encryption for payment systems.

Next, does the vendor offer a few different ways to pay? I feel more comfortable when I have the option to pay by PayPal, but I also want the option to pay by credit card or debit card if necessary. The more options, the more this company has thought about their customers and made things as easy as possible. I like this.The last method that I recommend that you employ is to always look for online reviews of the company you are considering buying from. If there are a few negative reviews, you need to take a closer look and see what they are. Keep in mind that some people just seem to rejoice in complaining. Mistakes happen, I have always judged a company on how they respond to those mistakes. But if I start seeing a pattern of similar complaints, then the red flags go up.

chaps Why purchase online with all this extra research that you should do? Because the savings can add up in a hurry! And since they don’t yet tax internet sales in from another state, that can also add up quickly (10% here in California!).

So OK, where do we go form here? Well, where do I find quality items? If we are talking about clothing and related items, I still like some of the brand names, especially Harley-Davidson. But Harley-Davidson jackets, boots, etc. can be restrictively expensive at the dealers. You know that you are getting great quality, but you also know that you are going to pay for that quality.

010_rockytopleather I found a company out of Pigeon Forge, TN that fits the bill. Certified and verified as a known and legitimate company. They offer payments by PayPal and other methods as well. They are not in my state, so I can save a lot of money on taxes. They offer $9.95 flat rate shipping (wow, I like that), and can expedite my orders if I need. There is always someone there if I have questions. And they carry a wide variety of  Harley-Davidson jackets, boots and clothing. And  they carry a wide range of additional products that meet my needs.

So let’s see, great customer service, low cost shipping, no taxes if out of state, and the products I need. Not to mention an excellent return policy if I am not satisfied, Yeah this looks pretty good.

250 x 250 rockytop The company that I am talking about is Rocky Top Leather. I have been impressed since the first day I started doing business with them. They carry a large selection of leather goods, including chaps, vests, jackets and gloves. And of course they also carry the Harley-Davidson line of boots, jackets, and apparel. They also have leather saddlebags, luggage, and even helmets. And all at substantial discounts to the traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Yeah, I am thinking that I will replace my old leather jacket, get a new pair of chaps, and maybe some better winter riding gloves. And of course, I am going to have to get some winter riding boots. And I will get it all at Rocky Top Leather.

Check them out. I think you will find what you are looking for, and save a little dough also. Just tell them that Coach sent you.

You can find Rocky Top Leather at, and email them with any questions at [email protected]

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