Trick Your Ride

Carlini 18″ Apes

Jimmy's Streetbob Before

Jimmy's Streetbob Before

A brother came pulling up the other day, all excited and unloading a box of crap. “Jimmy, what’s up bro? What’s with the box?” Jimmy explained that he had just bought a new set of Carlini 18″ handlebars, and all the gear necessary to put them on his Streetbob. Now all he needed was for the Panman and me to install them.  His excitement should have been the first warning, but like good bro’s we agreed.

The next morning Jimmy should up with his bobber bright and early. “A little anxious there, aren’t you Jimmy?” Jimmy responded, “I am so excited I just couldn’t wait!” There was the second sign. Oh well, we dug in.

bobber-0241 Things started out well enough. We started removing the throttle and grips, being careful to tag each wire. We then disonnected the throttle, brake and clutch lines and removed the original handlebars. So far so good.

While we were at it, let’s see about rerouting a couple of these lines. So, we started to lift the gas tank up to clear some room. Snap, the gas line broke. The look on Panman’s face should have said it all, but Jimmy just dutifully got us some more beers.

bobber-0271 After drawing straws to see who runs for parts (I won, I got to fly), the next step was to remove the pipes to clear the transmission. Removing the tranny cover to expose the clutch cable went smooth enough. Attach the new clutch cable and reinstall the tranny cover with a new gasket. Nice. We have learned to reinstall the cover as soon as possible to prevent anything from getting into the tranny.

bobber-0281 After pushing the new wiring harnesses into the handlebars, we are ready to mount the new bars. Make sure that you lay out your project first. You won’t be able to shove more wire into the bars, so you’ll want to get it right the first time.

We pulled the wire slack up to the grips and soldered the connections. Secure each connection with shrink tubing, and our connections were complete. Next, we pulled the slack back down to the bottom. You have to make sure that there is sufficient slack at the bottom of the bars, or Jimmy can’t make right turns! Done. Resolder the wires at the bottom and secure with shrink tube, and we are ready to mount the cables.

bobber-0801 The whole project goes pretty quick. And the results are great. These bars are truly made by craftsmen. The chrome is nice and thick, the bars have a unique bad dog look to them, and even the wholes were deburred to prevent nicking the wires during installation.

In spite of our scaring Jimmy, this project went real well. I highly recommend if you are checking into new bars, take a look at the line offered by Carlini. They are great looking bars.